Check out our 2017 Yard Sales! (and Bonus blog!)

2017 Yard Sale Dates

I know, I know… this graphic is terrible, it looks like someone made it in paint.

Fun fact – I did!

If you are (even marginally) artistic with a computer, or think you can make some better graphics for our website, including meeting signs, yard sale signs, etc. then please – please – please hit us up on out “contact us” page and contribute to your community with some sweet artistic skillzzz.

Does anyone even use ‘zzz’s like that anymore?

Just a heads up – Suffolk Meadows is controlled by it’s residents.  The ball is in our court.    That means that there are lots of things for us to do – from putting out the signs in the neighborhood to making sure our management company is doing what we want them to do – and no one (except the people we hire for services) is getting paid to do it!  That includes things like this website, putting out signs by the road, making images and graphics and more.  We do it FOR FREE!  Yep, everyone on the Board of Directors and the Architectural Review Committee and the volunteers who help during events like the Fall Festival do it all completely out of the goodness of their hearts.

Want to be cool like us?  Want to be part of your community?  Want to add a line on your resume that says “Local Community Volunteer”?  We won’t judge why you help, just help!

Now is your chance.  Help the volunteer who runs this website out!  He has 0 artistic skill (obviously) and he needs you!

Here is your chance to make a difference. Click Here and let us know how you want to be a positive impact on your community!


Pumpkins and Penguins,


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